Crawling out from the depths of the UK Midlands Music scene, wielding the self-defined genre of ‘Punk and Rock and Metal and Stuff’; our aim is to bring music to the masses that everyone can get onboard with. With a combination of heartfelt lyrics, metal inspired riffs and punk infused vocals; we hope to bring all these Stray genres together in Wild harmony!

Originally conceived in May 2017; Grace Hale and KT Eden ascended from the ashes of a previous project, to continue their passion for music in a way that suited them. The line up was completed with the super reliable Master of Bass, Jake Adshead and the more-Wild-than-Stray Drum aficionado, Jake ‘Spice’ Gill. Now as one complete unit, we are on a collective journey to spread a universally enjoyable sound.

And so, with a calendar filling up with gigs and studio time booked; The world can expect to see us tearing up a stage near you and filling up the radio waves with melodic noise to dance along to! Make sure you’re following us on social media outlets so you can stay with us on our Wild ride!

Introducing: The Wild Strays

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